Department of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is the backbone of engineering. Mechanical engineering lab includes fluid mechanics, strength of materials, manufacturing processes, IC engines, refrigeration and air conditioning,CAD/CAM labs.

Fluid mechanics lab :-> Fluid mechanics lab concerns to flow measurement using devices like venturi meter, orifice meter, velocity measurement devices like pitot tube, current meters.

Fluid mechanics lab

Strength of material lab :-> Strength of material lab corresponds to material testing for hardness, toughness, tensile and compressive strengths using universal testing machines and many other devices.

Strength of material lab

Workshop lab :-> Workshop lab consists of various tools and machines for machining, cutting, milling, drilling, forging, casting, and welding operations. All first year undergraduate students are required to take a laboratory course on Workshop Practice. The Manufacturing Laboratory has facilities including lathes, milling machine, vertical machining centre, electric discharge machine, welding, fitting and tin smithy equipment. It is also being used for two laboratory courses on Manufacturing Practices and Processes for first and second year Mechanical Engineering students.

Workshop lab

IC engines lab :-> IC engines lab consists of various models of engines incorporated in automobiles that may enhance student’s knowledge about engine working and parts description.

IC engines lab

Basic mechanical lab :-> Basic mechanical lab consists of models of boilers and its accessories to make students aware about its working and construction.

Basic mechanical lab

CAD/CAM lab :-> CAD/CAM lab is provided with various software used in industries for design, analysis and simulation of machine parts like AUTOCAD, CATIA, and PRO-E etc.


Refrigeration and air conditioning lab :-> Refrigeration and air conditioning lab is well equipped with compressors, refrigerators models to make student aware about its working process and constructions.

Refrigeration and air conditioning lab

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