Facilities / Activities

  • Well established T&P Cell, following 'Standard Professional Training Procedure'.
  • In each semester, industry visits of the students with faculty members are organized to the relevant industries at various locations. It serves the objective of exposure to large-scale practical applications of theoretical aspects for the students.
  • Career guidance by working & experienced professionals of Industries.
  • Personality Development, Body language, Positive attitude building, Communication skills classes are routinely delivered by guest lecturers.
  • T & P Cell organizes expert lecture series during seminar or at the department level in coordination with student organizations. Such lectures familiarize the students and the faculty with the state-of-art industry practices and their correlation with the textbook material.
  • Well designed regular training sessions are carried out, followed by Individual 'Brain mapping' for career selection.
  • Regular Career counseling, suggesting right career to right candidate by psychology test.
  • Psychological assistance for personal and professional improvement.
  • Job Specific Guidance by experienced professionals.
  • Faculty is deputed to the industry to gain firsthand experience on industrial plants and processes. This exposure enhances the teaching capability of the faculty and allows them to enrich their classroom delivery.
  • Students prepare the projects reflecting the needs and problems of the industry. Institute faculty interacts with industry personnel for successful implementation of such projects.
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