At Bansal Group we believe in fostering excellence as we provide our employees with a pool of opportunities to refine and develop their skill sets.

Bansal Group, as we like to call it, is a house of innovation, experiments & ideas and we are on a constant drill to make things better every day. As a team, we understand and value personal growth, goals, and ambitions as much as we value the organization’s goals and vision. We believe for an organization to flourish at its best, it is quintessential that employees too have the right opportunities to grow and achieve more.

“Syncing the organization’s goal with that of the individual’s goal, is an art every entrepreneur should excel at” - Shri K. C. Bansal.

Working at Bansal Group

It is the idea and zest to do something different that keeps us moving at Bansal. Achieving targets is just a part of the larger picture we paint here every day. Driven by quality work and ease of expertise our work culture is like a smooth drive on the highway!


The culture is the root of an organization, the firm the roots are the stronger the organization stands. Driven by this philosophy we emphasize more on developing and maintaining a healthy work environment. Our policies guard the interest of our employees as well as of their family members. The work culture is designed to make the employees feel safe, secure and motivated throughout.

Work-Life Balance

We understand the hustle of an employee, as they juggle between their professional and personal life, trying to be the best in both worlds. And so we made a point that at Bansal, we will ensure the employees inculcate practices that help them achieve a better work-life balance. Apart from easing the work culture and developing a much-organized work ecosystem, Bansal has been thoughtful in choosing the locations for their offices, minimizing the everyday commute struggle.

Covid 19 Policy

Bansal Hospital, Bansal News, and Bansal Oil & Foods fall under the brackets of the “essential service category”, so when the world came to halt, Bansal continued to serve their customers with utmost dedication.

Through the pandemic, our workforce worked rigorously to meet the demand. While our manpower was dedicated to make the ends meet for all the consumers out there, our management pledged to their safety and strictly adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines designed for the workplace by the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoHFW) of the country. We emphasized more on practices like, hand sanitization, mandatory use of masks, and maintaining health and hygiene at workplaces; such as surfaces (e.g., desks & tables) and objects (e.g., telephones, monitors, keyboards) need to be wiped with disinfectants regularly.


Experience backed with enthusiasm is all you need to transcend through the ordinary. We have witnessed that these two are like the two tires of the bi-cycle called, team. Implying that a good team is a mix of both, the experienced one, who has the foresight and learnings from the past, and the raw talent, who has the enthusiasm to burn the candle at both ends and make the wonders happen.

Our fully tech-equipped offices with flexible schedules and remote work benefits, help our employees to enhance their efficiency and work effectively. Our policies serve as a complete cover for the employees, taking into account the concerns like healthcare, retirement accounts, paid time off, and even transportation stipends. Join the family, to tap into the unprecedented opportunities and unleash a new purpose in life.

Meet the HR Team


Binu Jacob

Human Resource Head at Bansal Group

Binu Jacob

Recognised and acknowledged for her immaculate communication and analytical skills, Binu K Jacob has been embarking on new heights every now and then. She has been associated with Bansal since 2006 and is serving as a senior HR manager now. She is responsible for developing, maintaining, and strengthening the organizational ecosystem. She has been part of the HR industry for almost three decades now. She has worked in industries such as pharma, telecom, NGO, Medical Transcription, IT, Healthcare, Construction, FMCG, and Education. Her experience and skill set make her a perfect asset for the Bansal Group.


Sushil Dubey

Sr. Manager HR at Bansal Group

Sushil Dubey

Sushil is working with Bansal Group as a Senior HR manager. While directing the talent agenda, he led the organization and talent strategy that facilitated the business to deliver its vision. He has been part of the HR industry since 2006 and has worked across functions like providing strategic solutions, employee engagement, training & development, organizational change management, and compensation & benefits.

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